We did extensive research when decided to finally implement a safety and health program. Losada Consulting inc. conducted an evaluation of our work and work sites and created a costume program that works for us. The number of injuries on the job has reduce and moral has been lifted after the implementation of the safety program. We utilize Losada Consulting inc. to conduct our employee training and are very pleased with their work.
John Smith
We have utilized Losada Consulting inc. from the creation of our MSHA training plan to the training requirements of MSHA and OSHA. We also utilized Losada Consulting Inc. services to maintain our ISNetword status with our clients, Losada Consulting Inc. makes any necessary changes to our safety program as needed to comply with regulations and clients demands and trains our employees on a regular basis, is like if I had a safety manager on call 24/7. I would recommended Losada Consulting Inc.
Jenifer Hann
I would easily recommend Losada Consulting inc. to any organization with a diverse work force. Losada Consulting inc has been a key element in improving our employee safety engagement and has saved us on our insurance by having less incidents at work. We count on Losada Consulting inc. for all our safety training and couldn't be more pleased.
John Doe